Unlike many bands that are initially geared towards rock stardom, writing “feel good” songs, or million dollar record deals at their inception, Shadowtrain was birthed out of an intense fire for truth, awareness, action and justice. Formed by guitar legend George Lynch (Dokken , Lynch Mob, Souls of We) Shadowtrain was assembled to honor a specific message to bring to 21st century America about Native American justice, sustainability, honor, and anti-materialism. This brand of eclectic rock reflects many influences from classic metal riffs to progressive rock, participating in an extensive lineage of bands that use music as a vehicle to promote social change, reveal systemic corruption and environmental awareness. Improvisation and spontaneous ideas come to fruition whenever Shadowtrain is together, also revisiting a lost art in live bands in this day in age.

Fueled by Laguna/Isleta Tribe Gregg Analla’s (Slavior, Band of Gypsies) all- encompassing, passionate lyrics and vocal acrobatics, Shadowtrain’s music educates the listener as well as leaves a lasting imprint with timeless hooks. The explosive power of the band is created with Lynch’s melodic genius and beefy guitar tone on a backdrop of solid intelligent grooves executed by percussive monster rock veteran Jimmy D’Anda (Bullet Boys, Lithium, Jani Lane) fusion bass virtuoso Gabe Rosales (Jennifer Lopez, Andy Summers, Divine Styler) and the tenacious foundation of vintage sounds from musical genius Donnie Dickman (Jerry Martini, Benny Reidfelt, No-X-It) on keys. Other contributors to the Shadowtrain camp include abolitionist, historian, and human rights warrior poet Monte Smith and the voice of the American Indian Movement Mr John Trudell.

Individually each member has paid countless dues musically and through their contributions to social justice as a whole. Together they make up an essential band exposing a non-fictional tale to call people to action at a crucial time in our world’s history.